Doug Wilson Apologetic Set

Get both of Doug Wilson's masterful apologetic works for one great price!

Read and learn as Doug Wilson teaches and entertains with these two fantastic apologetic responses to written works by well-known atheists. Wilson interacts with and counteracts two popular books of "New Atheism" by Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens.

These short books will encourage, enlighten, and empower readers to "go and do likewise." Wilson shows that apologetic works do not have to be boring tomes of point and counterpoint. Using presuppositional apologetics, Wilson cuts the legs out from under both authors, revealing how they build their cases for atheism on "borrowed capital" from the Christian worldview.

Far from mere sport though, these short books are packed with wisdom and biblical thinking. Wilson pulls the curtain back on the atheistic boogeymen and shows there's nothing to fear (or even be bothered by).

While few can write with Wilson's wit or articulate a point as well as he can, these little books teach readers how to think and reason biblically. They are short but convincing lessons in how to think as a Christian.

About the books:

1) God Is.: How Christianity Explains Everything
A Reply to Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

Doug Wilson's response to Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great displays Doug's abilities as a writer and apologist at their finest and exhibits the level of manliness and talent for which an opponent like Hitchens begs. The literary ability involved raises the stakes for any response, and Doug rises well to the occasion.

Hitchens and other atheists write as if merely standing up against religion is an act of commendable courage. The truth is that bravery is too elusive to be trapped by mere machismo. Doug shows his readers the narrow path and exemplifies the kind of heart and mind needed to tread it. His is a true bravery built on thankful and competent trust in Christ.

Paperback, 135 pages

2) The Deluded Atheist: A Response to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion

Noted pastor, theologian, and apologist Rev. Doug Wilson responds to atheist Richard Dawkins' atheistic book The God Delusion in this compact, hard-hitting, and insightful book. Among the many responses that the recent new atheism has aroused, The Deluded Atheist stands out in its unparalleled precision and wit, reducing Dawkins' atheistic criticism to groundless complaints and tail-chasing unreason.

Paperback, 107 pages

About the Author: Douglas Wilson is a Senior Fellow of Theology at New St. Andrews College and minister at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. He is also the author of several books and the editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine.

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