Gateway to Liberty: The Constitutional Power of the 10th Amendment

No amendment in our Bill of Rights is more deeply rooted in American history, politics, and government than our Tenth Amendment. Its roots are deep in the colonies' histories, in the framing and ratification of our first constitution, our Articles of Confederation, and in the framing and ratification of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. They might be traced back to English history and the authority of self-governing entities in medieval law, and even to the form of civil government which God gave His people when they entered the Promised Land after their exodus from Egypt, though that is beyond the scope of this work. 

It should be enough for us to know that the Tenth Amendments protection of federalism— of each state's right to govern its own internal affairs except for those few areas of authority which the states delegated to our central government in the Constitution and those few powers which the states forbade to themselves in our fundamental law— was not an afterthought but an explicit reaffirmation of a principle that is absolutely fundamental to our constitutional system of civil government.

No amendment is of more practical importance than our Tenth Amendment for protecting what remains of our liberty and recovering the huge percentage of liberty that previous generations, and we ourselves, have surrendered to the Federal Leviathan.

For our federal system was and still is a system of separation of powers with checks and balances between our national/central government and our states governments. Our state governments have powers which can be used against central government usurpations. And our state and local government officials, not to mention our state's citizens, have means of influencing the officials of our national government to obey the oaths of office which all our elected and appointed officials take to uphold our Constitution.

It is encouraging to see that more and more of our elected officials, particularly at the state level, are realizing the importance of our Tenth Amendment to the proper functioning of state government and its function as the gateway to the preservation of our liberty.

This humble volume will help those who are on the front lines of the great conflict between the advocates of arbitrary, unlimited government and limited, constitutional government; and it will help inform Americans of the historical, foundational, and essential importance of our Tenth Amendment to constitutional government, the rule of law, and freedom for all Americans.

About the AuthorDr. Archie Jones, Ph.D., is a teacher and librarian who has taught various subjects in Christian schools and Political Science, American History, Literature and Writing in several colleges and universities for over 20 years. He is the author of 8 titles on Christianity and early American society, our early State Constitutions, and co-author of other books including Taking Your Faith to Work and Liberal Tyranny in Higher Education.

Specifications: Copyright, 2010, 300 page

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