Is Jesus Coming Soon?

Wars and rumors of wars, famines, plagues, and earthquakes. These are the biblical signs. All of them are realities of planet earth each days. Is Jesus coming back soon? Did Jesus provide an exact, predictable scenario as so many modern prophecy writers advocate?

The answer to these questions will shock the majority and ambush the sentries of the end-times status quo. Readers of Is Jesus Coming Soon? will no longer be bound by the idol of eschatology tradition which has paralyzed the Church and minimized the impact of Christianity on our world.. Don't be disturbed by what you read, because the truth is about to set you free!

"He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight" (Acts 1:9). Even as the disciples watched Jesus ascend, this question was certainly on their minds: "Is Jesus coming back soon?" Since that historic day there have been literally thousands of predictions setting the date of Christ's return. They all have one thing in common: They have all been wrong!

Today, the date setting frenzy persists. The prophecy pundits continue to be wrong again and again. How many of these prophecies have failed in your lifetime? Daily on Christian radio and television and the the endless stream of prophecy books we get pumped up with even more "evidence" that Jesus is now "at the door." World events are matched with prophecies as definitive proof that the end is near. Again we wait and hope. It's a familiar cycle: time nullifies each prediction, our hopes are deflated, and out trust level smashed. No more! The truth is out!
A great little book to put into the hands of someone who is beginning to study biblical prophecy.
"I have never heard of the compelling arguments you made for the Great Tribulation being the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, and not a cataclysmic future event. It was absolutely fascinating and I look forward to hearing anyone try to refute the conclusions you've made." Jim Hodges

Author: Gary DeMar 
Specifications:  63 pages

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