Political Polytheism

The Myth of Pluralism

About the Title: Who is Lord over the United States? A Christian citizen knows the answer: Jesus Christ. But if this is really the true answer, grounded firmly on the Bible, then why is it that so few Christians are willing to proclaim this fact publicly, and why is it that no Christian political candidate dares to mention it?
There is a reason: the theology of political pluralism, the dominant public theology in our day.
Political pluralism is not simply a political philosophy, it is a theology. It is America's civil religion. This theology teaches that there must never be a nation that identifies itself with any religion. Well, not quite. Israel is allowed to do so, as are the Islamic nations. But no nation is ever supposed to identify itself as Christian.
God-fearing Christian Americans have been told that the Constitution teaches the absolute separation of Church and State. They have been told correctly, but what they have not been told is precisely where it says this. It does not say this in the First Amendment. In a section that has been ignored for so long it is virtually never discussed, we find the key provision that transformed America into a secular humanist nation. But it took 173 years for this provision to do this from 1788 until 1961.
Political Polytheism discusses this crucial provision in detail. This book presents a new vision of politics and a new vision of America, a vision self-consciously tied to the Bible. It challenges the political myth of humanism: many laws, many gods.

About the Author: Gary North received his Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Riverside in 1972. Gary is the author of 42 books including The War on Mel Gibson: The Media versus The Passion and Crossed Fingers: How Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church. Gary is one of the most insightful and thought-provoking historians in modern times. 
E-book (PDF format), 795 pages

Copyright, 1989

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