Greg Bahnsen: What Really Happened at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS)

What follows are chronicles and supporting documents compiled by Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen during and immediately after his unfortunate and groundless termination at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), Jackson, MS, in 1978-79. You will find that common rumors, assumptions, and even recent publications (more on this soon) are demolished by the material collected here. You will also find what must, by any objective review, be considered startling unfairness, evasion of Scripture, bylaws, and rules, and resort to cowardly and unjust attacks and tactics used toward the effort of attacking, censoring, and removing Professor Bahnsen.

Without multiplying editorial comment too much, a few notes are necessary. First, the arrangement of material is essentially Bahnsen's own as expressed in the Introduction. Were I have added to it, I have attempted to comply to his original design.

Second, it is unfortunate that not all of the material Bahnsen intended to include has survived in our possession. On page 4 of the Intro he lists six sets of documents for the section "The Theonomy Debate at RTS." Sets 4, 5, and 6 are not with us, and for set 3, only Strong's Critique exists (not Bahnsen's response to it). If anyone has access or copies of any of these relevant documents, please contact us and we will remedy the deficiency.

Third, making up for the deficiency, however, Bahnsen did include three substantial Responses to additional critics not listed in the Intro: to Aiken Taylor (then-editor of The Presbyterian Journal), Professor O. Palmer Robertson, and Banner of Truth Trust founder and author Iain Murray. I find these three reponses among the most helpful Bahnsen has written. It is my current hope to provide these particular essays along with a few others in a hardback book edition in the near future. They are available here, in this format, for free.

Fourth, some of the material has been processed to make the text searchable. Most have not, yet. As we are able to make more of it available in this format, we will update the list.

Finally, from the Intro it appears that Dr. Bahnsen did not immediately intend for this compilation to be published to the general public, but only made available to those who asked and knew whom to ask. Some may object, then, to making it generally available now. Considering, however, the persistent rumors and the reignition of negative perceptions of Greg Bahnsen's service at RTS due to certain recent books and articles, the time has come to let what was once for a limited audience ascend to its rightful place as an historical record available to the public. To this end, I have secured the permission of the executors of Greg Bahnsen's material.

Without further ado, please read and consider carefully the following documents and note well their implications. And please stay tuned for more detailed engagement of this material to come.

---Dr. Joel McDurmon

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