The College Days of Calvin

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This companion volume to Young Calvin in Paris, is the rarely-told story of Calvin’s early development and education highlights great character, fortitude, and godliness for generations of Christians still today. This little book provides an enduring example of the outworking of God’s providence in the lives of his children, and also of Christian devotion in times of both joy and great expectation, as well as trial, loss, danger, intrigue, subterfuge, and tyranny.

These easy-to-read annals relate the swift academic achievements toward which Calvin’s prodigious gifts inevitably drove him, as well as the hardships he patiently endured after his conversion to the Protestant faith, his relationship with his demanding father afterward, the loss of his father, his role in the budding and growth of the Evangelical movement in France, and the intensifying efforts of the Roman church to stop it.

Through it all, we see the Reformed faith not only endure, but prevail and grow. These true stories of courage and faith are perfectly narrated to be useful for Christian schools as well as family devotions. Read these stories to your children!

About the Author: William Maxwell Blackburn (1828-1898) was an ordained Presbyterian minister who served multiple congregations, was Church History professor at Seminary of the Northwest in Chicago (1868–1880), and briefly served as the first President of the University of North Dakota (1884–1885).

Specifications: Paperback

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