Inglorious Kingdoms: Saving the Public Square from the Tyrannies of Bad Theology

Inglorious Kingdoms is a collection of several of Joel’s essays on Christian social and political involvement in this world. It particularly includes several critiques of the view of radical “two kingdoms” theology which is being leveraged by some theologians today in an effort to keep Christians quiet—or completely out—of the public square. It is time Christians returned to Scripture in order to apply Scripture to every area of life. It is time we quit allowing the fears and intimidation of a few theologians oppress Christians with the tyrannies of bad theology.

The points established in Inglorious Kingdoms and the responses and critiques levied against opposing views will go a long way toward satisfying questions related to this topic, especially as they are usually presented by modern proponents. The question is not what this or that person says, or even what this or that cherry-picked confession says, but what Scripture says. This is the standard upheld throughout these essays, in addition to relating much of the history that R2K proponents would rather keep suppressed.

Table of Contents

1. The Two Kingdoms Tyranny
2. The Lost Reformation
3. Inglorious Pastors
4. A Politician’s Paradise
5. Horton’s “Contrived Empire”: Did Calvin deny “Christendom”?
6. The Great “But” Commission
7. The Great Omission
8. Begg-ing the Question
9. Choosing your Dualism or “Something Special for the Toilet Cleaners”
10. A Wretched Critique of Restoring America
11. Double Kingdoms Doubletalk
12. Riddlebarger’s Hit-and-Run
13. A Perfect Hatred
14. Straight Talk on Twisted Marriage
15. Activism or Awareness: A False Choice
16. The Christian Duty to Boycott
17. Get Real: Pietism is No Cure for Entertainment Addiction
18. “A Bulwark Against Theonomy”
19. Trueman Seems Sincere (Really, He Does)
20. Trueman’s Total Surrender
21. Is the Amillennial Jesus Just Twiddling His Thumbs?
22. Amillennial Schizophrenia
23. Logical Deduction from R2K is Decreed “Not Helpful”
24. My Frustration with Tim Keller’s Frustration
25. With Friends Like This, Who Needs Screwtape?
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