Shemitah Years and Blood Moons as Market Timing Tools

There is currently an explosion of interest in the Old Testament religious law of “Shemitah” thanks to books like Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger. This wildly popular book makes startling claims about catastrophic judgments and financial chaos allegedly backed by convincing historical evidences. Coupled with the alleged coincidence of the Jewish Shemitah years as well as the “Blood Moon” phenomena which have also recently been hyped, this message has unnecessarily confused and alarmed even many level-headed Christians. In fact, with the inclusion of historical evidences, even non-religious forecasters are joining the prediction circuit, resulting in the shock and alarm of many in the secular world as well, especially the financial industry.

This resource addresses the “Shemitah” and “Blood Moon” issue specifically from a historical, astronomical, and financial perspective. The phenomenon behind this report has also recently been secularized and leveraged primarily, it appears, for personal financial gain. It is our concern to prevent Christians and many in the young libertarian audience as well from being duped into sales pitches with fears built on religious chicanery.

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