Paradise Restored: A Biblical Theology of Dominion

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THE PREMISE OF THIS BOOK IS SIMPLE ENOUGH: the Gospel is sufficient; the Gospel will prevail among men and nations; the Gospel is good news of glad tidings and great joy; the Gospel is a message of sure and certain hope from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden to the very end in the throne room of Eternal Glory.

Plowing through the often-difficult terrain of Soteriology, Eschatology, and Hermeneutics, David Chilton presents a simple and coherent vision for Gospel fruitfulness, Gospel effectiveness, and eventually, Gospel victory.

When it was first published three and a half decades ago, Paradise Re-stored helped to precipitate a massive paradigm shift in the Evangelical and Reformed world from abject pessimism to unabashed optimism. The rea­sons are simple enough: this classic work is forthrightly Biblical. It is masterfully written. It is pungently clear. And it is powerfully persuasive.

This new edition is more useful than ever. Newly re-typeset with multiple indexes, it will help a whole new generation grasp how deep, how wide, how strong, and how certain is the finished work of redemption in Jesus Christ.

About the Author: David Chilton (1951-1997) was a pastor and author of several books on eschatology, including: Paradise Restored, Days of Vengeance, and The Great Tribulation. A cornerstone figure in the Christian Reconstructionist movement, Chilton's book Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt is a best-seller.

Specifications: Hardback, 352 pages

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