Baptism is Not Enough: How Understanding God's Covenant Explains Everything


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What is Covenant? In a biblical sense, it is a legal bond between two or more parties — “legal” meaning that each party makes a statement (confession) and agrees to specific terms, with consequences invoked on each party for failure to keep the terms. 

This agreement takes place in the presence of witnesses and is usually followed by the public “sealing” or display of the agreement and sometimes a meal together. The parties then relate within the context of this formal structure. Relating together within this legal bond is referred to as being “in covenant” with one another. The parties are connected through this legal bond. The bond is not one of being materially connected in any way. Neither is it of a magical or mystical connection unseen in Scripture. It is a legal connection. 

Why then is this so important to understand? Because this is how God chose to link the unseen to the seen, the supernatural to the material or created order here on earth. This in no way diminishes the role of the Holy Spirit and his work within the hearts of men. It merely gives outward manifestation to the power of God’s Spirit. It is also important to note that this is in direct opposition to some mystical religions, which reject a Creator in favor of the sovereignty of man and nature. They view the connection with God as a chain of being throughout all things. The Christian confesses a wholly separate, sovereign God that is over his creation. He chose to relate to this creation through covenant.

Author John G. Crawford changes the discussion on a host of issues ranging from the Covenant institutions as they relate to the Family, the State and the Church. From creation to infant baptism, Crawford connects the dots and shows how understanding God's Covenant, explains everything. 

About the Author: John G. Crawford lives in Gainesville, Florida with his wife Tina and his three children Cade, Lachlan and Aila. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and has partnered in a successful business in Gainesville since 2001.  During his time in the Baptist church, John served as a deacon, bible teacher and on the board of an international missions organization. He has spent the last fifteen years studying the covenant and its implications for all of life. He is currently a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. 

Specifications: Paperback, 156 pages with a foreword by Douglas Wilson. DVD runtime approx. 28:30

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