Lone Gunners for Jesus

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About the Title:  A biblical response to anti-abortionists who claim that the individual has the God given right to kill abortionists in God's name, or in the name of natural law ("common sense"). These letters to convicted murderer Paul J. Hill were written before he was convicted. They respond to his printed defense of the use of violence against abortionists as well as to his personal letters to the author.

About the Author: Gary North received his Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Riverside in 1972. Gary is the author of 42 books including The War on Mel Gibson: The Media versus The Passion and Crossed Fingers: How Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church. Gary is one of the most insightful and thought-provoking historians in modern times. 

Specifications: e-Book (PDF download), 1.93 megabytes, 47 pages

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