Principles of Christian Politics

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Politics is dirty... that’s why we’ve got to clean it up.

“Where are we going? And why are we in this mess?”

Most American Christians are asking themselves these questions today amid the rapid disintegration of the moral values, political principles, and civil freedoms their grandparents took for granted.

But the seeds of this present crisis were watered first not by socialists, terrorists, perverts, or criminals, but by Christians who, in years past, decided to retreat from public involvement to pursue private piety. Now generations later, faulty perspectives on politics continue to hamstring Christian churches at a time when this country needs biblical answers for political dilemmas more than ever.

The Principles of Christian Politics is designed to correct the misconceptions that keep many well-minded Christians off the political battlefield, pinpoint the current political battlegrounds where Christian soldiers are desperately needed, and equip willing Christian soldiers with the biblical ammunition they need to wage effective spiritual warfare.

It’s not good enough to complain about the President, greedy corporate interests, the filth on TV, the failure of Social Security, or the death of common courtesy and sense. If Christians continue to retreat from the political duties and privileges that our forefathers bled to secure for us, we really have no one to blame but ourselves if America slides irrevocably into national catastrophe.

If our great-grandparents could have seen then what we see today, would they have done anything different? Will you?

Gary DeMar: Why Government Can Save You

Taking issue with the mainstream evangelical perspective on Christian political activism, Gary DeMar shows that individual Christians have a responsibility both to govern themselves according to God’s law and require all human governments to abide by that same law. He correlates the decline of American civil morality to the retreat of Christian churches from political involvement, and makes it clear that if change is going to happen at the top, it must start from the bottom with the transformation of individual hearts.

John Eidsmoe: The Church and the IRS

John Eidsmoe gives a lawyer’s perspective on tax law as it relates to incorporated churches. Foregoing a discussion of whether or not churches should incorporate as 501(c)3 corporations, he focuses instead on how and to what extent incorporated churches can involve themselves in the political process without losing their tax-exempt status. He finishes with a short history of the original purpose of the political prohibitions on incorporated churches, and encourages church leaders to fight for the free voice the State never had any Constitutional authority to withhold from them.

Joel McDurmon: Christians in the Trenches

Joel McDurmon begins with the biblical description of the laws that limited the absolute sovereignty of the Israelite king, showing how any government’s failure to abide by these limitations constitutes tyrannical rule. After establishing that the American civil government has indeed overstepped the biblical limitations on civil government, e.g., replacing local militias with a centralized standing army, creating a large centralized treasury, etc., McDurmon gives a few practical ways that individuals can localize civil government and return it to its biblical bounds.

Joel McDurmon: One Kingdom, One Law

Perhaps no doctrine of Martin Luther has been so detrimental in its application than the “Two Kingdoms” doctrine: the doctrine that the Law of God governs in the church, but that Natural Law, discernible without divine revelation, governs in the political realm. Joel McDurmon retells the shameful circumstances of the doctrine’s original formulation, and describes how it affected German political thought from Immanuel Kant to Adolf Hitler. He rejects the premises of the “Two Kingdoms” view as biblically unsound, upholding rather that all governments are subject to Christ and must be governed by God’s Law.

Bojidar Marinov: The Defense of Property Rights

Bojidar Marinov explores the classical liberal attempts to defend property rights, concluding that an evolutionary perspective on human development not only destroys the intrinsic right of property ownership, but undermines all of the rights that the Founding Fathers said were “inalienable.” Since life is dependent on liberty, which is dependent on property ownership, a civil government that desires to abolish private property wants ultimately to subjugate all life under its rule. Marinov explains how the biblical worldview is the only worldview that actually defends property rights with good reason since the biblical concept of man makes theft an attack on the image of God.

Janet Folger Porter: The God Who Does Impossible Things (Defeating the Giants)

With her characteristic pluck, Janet Folger Porter recounts the events that led up to her hosting a national presidential debate, focusing on the unexpected turns of God’s miraculous providence. Because God is truly a great King and the Creator of the universe, she exhorts Christians to endeavor to accomplish great tasks and ask God for things that are worthy of His greatness. When faced with the daunting task of rebuilding America, she encourages us to look to the God who gave impossible victories to Joshua and Gideon and continues to love doing the impossible for His people today.

James Lansberry: Healthcare After Reform

Painting a bleak picture of the possible future of healthcare in America, James Lansberry outlines how the horrific possibilities of the future were created by the failures of Christians in a not so distant past—by the retreat of the church from charity and the individual American’s rejection of personal responsibility. Lansberry explains some biblical healthcare options that Christians can pursue to reverse the trend toward socialism in America, but he warns that God-honoring alternatives will require immediate sacrifices on the part of individual Christians now, since further delay could plunge America into an irremediable financial and moral ruin.

A 7-Lesson Audio CD Series

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