Ten Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed and Answered

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There is a seismic shift taking place in the study of Bible prophecy.

For decades, popular prophecy writers have emphatically insisted that our generation is the terminal generation, the last generation before the rapture of the church.

First, we were told that 1988 was the end date. Then it was the turn of the 2001 millennial clock. Next it was 2007. The end keeps getting pushed farther in the future.

As a result of many failed predictions, many Christians are beginning to take a second look at a prophetic system that they were told is the only one that takes the literal interpretation of the Bible seriously. Gary DeMar has taken on the task of exposing some of the popular myths foisted upon the public by prophetic speculators:

    1.  The Myth of the Israel-Church Distinction
    2.  The Myth that the Modern State of Israel is a Sign that the Rapture is Near 
    3.  The Myth that Only Dispensationalists Have a Future for Israel
    4.  The Myth of the Postponed Abrahamic Covenant
    5.  The Myth of Replacement Theology
    6.  The Myth that Animal Sacrifices and Circumcision Are Everlasting Rites
    7.  The Myth that the Temple Needs to be Rebuilt
    8.  The Myth that the Gospel Has Yet to be Preached in the Whole World
    9.  The Myth that Earthquakes are Signs of the End Times
    10.  The Myth that Oil in Israel is a Prophetic Sign 

Some of the material in 10 Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed & Answered will shock you, but it will make you a better student of the Bible.

190 pages - Please note—due to a printing error, some copies do not have page 80 printed (it's blank). You can download that here.

About the Author: Gary DeMar, president of American Vision, has authored over 27 titles including Last Days Madness: The Obsession of the Modern Church and Is Jesus Coming Soon?

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