The Covenantal Tithe

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Within the church today, few practices have been abandoned with such disregard as mandatory tithing.

While the church global effectively wrote off tithing decades ago, seminary professors are now calling it heresy, saying that teaching the mandatory tithe is tantamount to embracing another gospel.

But why?

Did the tithe really become obsolete with the coming of Christ, or do Christians still owe 10% of their income to the church?

Not only are several different tithes taught and mentioned in Scripture, but according to Gary North, tithing carries more significance than contemporary theologians are willing to admitcovenantal significance representing submission to our High Priest, Jesus Christ.

Back with his second book on this timely subject, Gary North clearly demonstrates how the priestly authority of the risen Christ and the Fathers everlasting covenant with his elect are bound together in the continuing validity of the tithe as first found in Genesis 14.

With an eye for the covenantal function and present-day application of Old Testament law, Dr. North draws from his broad scriptural expertise to break down the anatomy of the biblical tithe and defend its the abiding validity in the New Covenant while rebutting the claims of contemporary theologians.

About the Author: Gary North (Ph.D., University of California, Riverside) is the author of over 40 books on economics, theology, history, and education.  His articles have appeared in National ReviewAmerican SpectatorThe Wall Street Journal, and The Westminster Theological Journal. Gary continues to speak and write prolifically. He resides in Dallas, Georgia, with his wife and two dogs.

Specifications: Paperback, 159 pages

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