The Return of the Village Atheist

"Many Christians have replied to philosophically sophisticated forms of atheism (Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Michael Martin, Kai Nielsen, et al), but today there is also a growing literature of atheism geared to the popular level, the realm of the so-called village atheist. Joel McDurmon tackles popular atheism in a popular but cogent way. A fine apologetic work." Dr. John Frame,Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

About the Author:  Joel McDurmon, M.Div., Reformed Episcopal Theological Seminary, is the Director of Research for American Vision. He is the author of: Manifested in the Flesh: How the Historical Evidence of Jesus Refutes Modern Mystics and Skeptics,The Return of the Village Atheist, and Zeitgeist Refuted: Is Jesus an Astrological Myth? He also serves as a lecturer and regular contributor to the American Vision website, joining their staff in June of 2008. 

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