Liberty at Risk: Exposing the Politics of Plunder

Security or liberty? Which have you chosen?

Lavish government spending programs and burdensome tax bills are legitimized by describing them as just, benevolent, fair, and good for the people. The rule of law is ignored or subverted to gain political power at the expense of freedom and liberty. Wealth is confiscated from the productive and transferred to the less productive in an attempt to buy votes and the promise of security.

Vote buying becomes a means of increasing the scope of governmental power and legitimizing policies that can find no biblical or constitutional support. As long as those in power offer the benefits that come with power, few people complain, except, of course, those who are being fleeced by those increasing the power and scope of civil government.

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Without a proper understanding of civil government's biblical function and limited jurisdiction, Christians can be trapped into believing that civil government should promote policies beyond its designed purpose as long as they are for "the good of the people." This reasoning can lead many to choose security no matter what the cost to liberty.

In Liberty at Risk, Gary DeMar presents a biblical, historical, constitutional, and rational approach to government. Not only has God set forth the principles of liberty in the Bible, He has also equipped us to think through the implications of these principles. Civil government is ordained by God, but it should never be made into a god.

Specs: PDF Download; 230-page searchable electronic book

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