Dispossessed: Homelessness in America

They have always been with us. From the glory days of ancient Rome to the high-tech decadence of modern America, from the Protestant Reformation to the Industrial Revolution, from the golden age to the space age, they have always haunted our cities and our consciences. They exist on the fringes, taking meals and shelter when and where they can. They always have. It's just that now there are more of them. As many as three million of these dispossessed souls crowd into tent cities, abandoned warehouses, vermin-infested public shelters, and skid-row back alleys today.

So, what can be done?

The United Nations has designated 1987 as the International Year of the Homeless to draw attention to this looming crisis and to propose some solutions-more governmental control, centralization of the economy, and the abolition of private property.

George Grant has a better idea. In The Dispossessed, he asserts that the solutions to homelessness can be found in the Bible, and he describes what those solutions are in a practical, understandable, compelling style.

Very simply, no one has ever written a book on homelessness and social policy like this. Grant is passionate and personal. He is thorough and forthright. He is sensitive and Scriptural. He has done for poverty and social welfare what John Whitehead has done for law and what Francis Schaeffer has done for Christian activism. And best of all, he has given us a literary feast as well.

About the Author: Dr. George Grant is the author of nearly 3 dozen books on history, politics, theology, and social issues, including the best-selling Grand IllusionsThe Micah Mandate, and Bringing in the Sheaves. He is the director of King's Meadow Study Center , and instructor at Whitefield Theological Seminary, and a Teaching Fellow at Franklin Classical School. 

Specifications: e-Book (PDF download), 11 megabytes, 296 pages

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