Manifested in the Flesh: How the Historical Evidence of Jesus Refutes Modern Mystics and Skeptics

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In Manifested in the Flesh, author Joel McDurmon illustrates the uniqueness, richness, and importance of the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation of Christ. Drawing from Scripture, the Early Church Fathers, ancient history, and the most recent of New Testament scholarship, this timely and lively work presents the robust truth of Christ and exposes the lies of modern pagans, atheists, and New-Age attacks on the gospel.

Manifested in the Flesh brings diverse areas of New Testament scholarship into a readable and unified witness to the truth, and dismantles recent works of unbelief and skepticism with the force of credible and thorough scholarship. At once a viable apologetic, an intense Bible study, a survey of ancient history, and a review of vital theology, Manifested gives the reader an understanding of Christian truth remarkable in both its breadth and depth of scholarship, written in a stimulating and refreshing style.
Learn about . .
  • The basis behind all attacks on the gospel
  • The true nature of the pagan mystery religions
  • The rise of the mystery religion threat in recent years
  • The Early Church confrontation with and defeat of pagan religions
  • The background to St. Paul's understanding of Christ
  • The importance and implications of the Incarnation of Christ
  • and much more!
By weaving apologetics, biblical study, historical study, and theology together, McDurmon has created a work of Christian worldview for pastor, teacher, parent, and student alike. No Christian seeking to understand the nature of our Lord and the great battles that both the Early and Modern Church have fought - and continue to fight - over the historical Jesus, can afford to skip this book.
About the Author: Joel McDurmon, M.Div., is the Director of Research for American Vision, Inc. He is the author of five books, most recently God Versus Socialism. Joel lectures for American Vision, and is a regular contributor to the American Vision website and video resources.

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