Mind Games: The Need for a Christian Worldview

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The Nature of Man is Bad News. The Nature of God is Good News.

 We are often told that ideas have consquences. How we think and what we believe influence what we say and do. While this is certainly true, Jeff Baldwin would like to remind us that worldviews have consequences as well.

One of the foundational ideas to a worldview is an individual's view of man. Is he like Frankenstein's monster or is he more like Jekyll and Hyde? Is he inherently good or inherently bad? In this two part series, Jeff Baldwin makes the point that since a worldview is really nothing more than a series of ideas, we must have the correct worldview in order to make sense of these ideas. Further, a worldview necessarily leads to action, whether good or bad. 

About Jeff Baldwin: Jeff served as the creative editor adn co-author of the widely used Understanding The Times textbook and curriculum. His first book, a novel entitled Ian, is a Christian allegory based on John 15. Jeff is currently the research director for Worldview Academy, a non-profit teaching ministry based in Midland, Texas.

Format: Two MP4 Video Downloads - Talk 1: Worldviews Have Consequences | Talk 2: Which Monster Are you?

Run Time: 100 minutes (combined)

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