Moral Capitalism

 In times of economic disarray, can we really find solutions in free markets?

Or did the economic meltdown of 2008 prove once and for all that the free market cannot be trusted and will always fail us in the long run?

In this engaging lecture series from some of the best Christian authorities on the subject, speakers Dinesh D’Souza, David Bahnsen, Andrew Sandlin, Jay Richards, and Robert Sirico argue that, despite the collectivism of the left and the Randianism of the right, the Bible clearly teaches free enterprise—but that no free market can survive without the Christian worldview.

Moral Capitalism makes the case for a virtuous system of free market principles that takes both the economic and moral high ground, for without a firm foundation of biblical morality, either centralized economic planning will impoverish a nation, or the ravenous greed of selfish men will poison the hearts of its people.

Lecture Titles:

    • David Bahnsen: "The Folly of Work without Wealth and Wealth without Work"
    • Andrew Sandlin: "Worldviews in Collusion: Economics at the Vanguard of Culture"
    • Robert Sirico: "The Mandate for Virtuous Capitalism"
    • Jay Richards: "God, Money, and Greed"
    • Robert Sirico: "Free Markets and the Promise of Hope"
    • Dinesh D'Souza: "The Virtue of Prosperity"

What Attendees Had To Say:

“The conference was amazing, and we hope to attend your seminars in the future.”

“I wholeheartedly agree with less government, free markets, and the idea that people aren’t inspired to succeed without the threat of failure. I’m worried about the poor work ethic and sense of entitlement we’re creating for the generations ahead of us. Thank you for reminding us all that capitalism can and should be moral.”

Specifications: 3 DVD or 6 MP4 video downloads, 5 - forty-minute lectures, running time approximately 200 minutes. Includes CD or download of MP3 audio of lectures and eBooks.

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