The Bible & War in America

A long line of movies, video games, and enlistment promos betray the final transformation of the American perspective on war -- what was once considered a specter is now a spectacle.

The war machine, driven by power-hungry corporate and political interests, glamorizes the American military as the epitome of freedom-fighting gallantry while branding peace-loving Americans as cowardly or even unpatriotic. Support our troops is often sufficient to silence any opposition to American imperialism.

No one, including the majority of well-meaning Christians, seems to consider that the best way to actually support American soldiers consists in returning to a biblical doctrine of war.

In The Bible & War in America, Joel McDurmon issues a critique of the current American war ethos, tracing its roots all the way back to the Constitution, and showing, through rigorous biblical exegesis, how far we have strayed from God's precepts for national defense. 

The book does not end there, however.

As an expanded chapter of Joel’s book Restoring America One County at a Time, it provides practical measures for returning America to the decentralized ideals of local militia, just war, and international non-intervention. All Christians and all Americans who love this country and her troops should read this book and follow its advice. Our blood-purchased freedoms hang in the balance.

About the Author: With works on apologetics, theology, and history, including God versus Socialism and Biblical Logic: In Theory & Practice, Joel McDurmon (M.Div.) is a staff writer and researcher at American Vision, a popular lecturer at conferences across the nation, and a regular visiting preacher at Christ Church in Branch Cove, Alabama. Joel and his family reside in Dallas, GA.

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