The Great Reversal

This MP3 download includes the audio of 26 talks from the Worldview Super Conference III - The Great Reversal: How Christians Will Change the Future. (2009)

  • We're From the Government - and We're NOT Here to Help - Gary DeMar

  • Doing an End-Run Around the Mainstream Media - Joseph Farah

  • Restoring State Sovereignty: The 10th Amendment - Herb Titus

  • Restoring the Sanctity of Human Life State by State - Herb Titus

  • The Nitty Gritty of Film Production - Darren Doane

  • So You Want to Be in Movies - Dr. Ted Baehr

  • Starting an At-Home Web Business - Byron Reese

  • The Goldless Standard Phase 1: 1971-2008 - Dr. Gary North

  • The Goldless Standard Phase 2: 2008-???? - Dr. Gary North

  • The Byzantine Empire: Christian Worldview in Action - Byron Reese

  • Protect Your Wealth from Liberal Fallacies - Joel McDurmon

  • Liberal Tyranny in Higher Education - Dr. David Goetsch

  • Bailouts, Handouts and Entitlements - Dr. David Goetsch

  • Financial Tips for Tough Economic Times - Mark Graham

  • Equipping Kingdom Warriors for the Battle of the Millennium - Kevin Swanson

  • Christian Impact on the World: Past and Present - Dr. Joe Morecraft

  • Killing the Careers of Darwin Doubters - Dr. Jerry Bergman

  • The Christian Roots of Science - Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

  • Creation Science at the Cutting Edge - Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

  • The Church and the Family (2 Parts) - Dr. Voddie Baucham

  • History of the Conservative Movement (2 Parts) - Dr. Gary North

  • Our Legacy - Gary DeMar

  • The Second Mayflower - Kevin Swanson

  • Faith, Liberty and Charity: A Biblical Worldview of Healthcare - James Lansberry

Speakers: Gary DeMar, Dr. Gary North, Mark Graham, Kevin Swanson, Dr. Joseph Morecraft, Dr. Jerry Bergman, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Mark Graham, Byron Reese, Dr. David Goetsch, Joel McDurmon, Joseph Farah, Dr. Ted Baehr, Herb Titus, Darren Doane and James Lansberry

Specifications: MP3 audio (download), 20 hours and 41 minutes (+/-840mb)

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