The United States: A Christian Nation

The classic 1905 lectures from one of America’s greatest Supreme Court justices are back in print—revised and expanded with a new introduction by Gary DeMar, and enhanced with images and explanatory footnotes.

The United States A Christian Nation is U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Josiah Brewer’s lecture series on the unmistakably Christian origins and values of the United States.Drawing from a wealth of original sources, such as the colonial charters, state constitutions, and legal statutes of early American history, Justice Brewer makes the undeniable case for the Christian character of this nation, and encourages his listeners to preserve and contribute to America’s Christianity in the face of adversity.American Vision reprinted this book for the first time in nearly 100 years in 1996, and it again went out of print. We are pleased to present Brewer's fascinating study of the Christian Heritage of America once again!Every pebble of evidence he turns up cries out: "America is a Christian nation!" Brewer's landmark work studies declarations of the court, the recognition of Sunday, Chaplains, colonial charters, civil liberty, charitable organizations, and much more.This edition includes the text of Justice Brewer’s most famous Supreme Court decision, Church of the Holy Trinity vs. United States, as well as an historical introduction to the case by Herb Titus.

About the Author: David Josiah Brewer  (1837–1910) served for almost 46 years in various judicial capacities, including the First Judicial District of Kansas (1865–1869) and the Kansas Supreme Court (1870–1884). In 1884, President Chester A. Arthur appointed him to the 8th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, where he served until 1889 when President Benjamin Harrison appointed him to the U.S. Supreme Court. Following his appointment, Brewer became a prolific writer and speaker on a wide range of public issues. In addition to authoring more than 700 judicial opinions, Brewer wrote four books and delivered speeches and lectures almost without number. He served until his death in 1910.
Specifications: 120 pages

Original copyright: 1996
Revised, updated & expanded edition copyright: 2010

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