Trespassing For Dear Life

What is Operation Rescue Up to?

About the Title: Should Believers Willingly Suffer Jail And Imprisonment For Their Christian Convictions?

"Yes, Absolutely," Say some Christians leaders.
"No. Absolutely not." says others.
"Maybe. Sometimes. It depends," say still others.

So who is right?

For a long time that question was essentially irrelevant in this country. Christians didn't even need to think about such things. But then came the Civil Rights and Pro-Life movements. Suddenly confronted with the horrors of injustice, discrimination, abortion, and infanticide, Christians have been forced to re-evaluate their responsibility under God as citizens and as disciples. They have been forced to answer that question.

And that is no easy task. Trying to answer that question only raises more questions. Is it ever right to break an unjust law? If so, then what are the limits? How far do we go? If not, then how do we resist tyranny? How do we protect the innocent?

In this remarkably simple and concise book, Gary North cuts to the heart of those questions of civil obedience and disobedience by examining them in the light of the Scriptures. He shows just where, when, how, why, and by whom those questions can be settled. He outlines what the Biblical limits are. And he brings into focus what the Biblical imperatives are.

Christians should not have to answer ultimate questions of faith and commitment simply on the basis of alarmist newspaper headlines, screeching slogans, or hastily marshalled rhetoric. Now, thanks to Gary North, we don't have to.

About the Author: Gary North received his Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Riverside in 1972. Gary is the author of 42 books including The War on Mel Gibson: The Media versus The Passion and Crossed Fingers: How Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church. Gary is one of the most insightful and thought-provoking historians in modern times. 

Specifications: e-Book (PDF download), 1.48 megabytes, 40 pages

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