Where is the Voice of the Church?

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Where is the voice of the church? Author Bob Norman brilliantly elaborates on how churches have become neutralized, how America has lost its Christian heritage and how we reclaim it.

America has been great because it was built on sound Christian principles. Our nation acknowledged and honored God, the Creator, and as a result, He blessed the nation. However, years ago, our churches adopted a neutral position with regard to society, wherefore, those principles melted away. Our Christian foundation eroded and we lost our stability.

The purpose of Where is the Voice of the Church?  is to expose the philosophical virus that caused the churches to retreat from cultural responsibility, and encourage a plan of action to recover our lost heritage. While this writing is directed mainly to Christians, it behooves all who love America to join in the effort to rebuild the nation’s foundation and restore those values which have given us hope for so many years.


About the Author: Born and reared in Dallas, Texas, Bob spent his early adult years in the military and then in political involvement. After receiving Christ, he developed an interest in researching various cults. During this study he became aware of the existence of a very different way of thinking, a different paradigm about how some people see life and the world. The realization that this system of thought (which denies the true Jesus) had found its way into the church, paralyzing its effectiveness, led to the writing of this book. Bob now lives in Mississippi with his wife Carol, where he has been in the vitamin and nutrition business for over 30 years. As a reformed believer, he has written several papers on cults, and is involved in Hispanic ministries both locally and abroad in Peru.

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