Biblical Blueprints for Victory

This download includes the audio of talks from the Worldview Super Conference IV - Biblical Blueprints for Victory. (2010)

  • Christianity and Post-Modern Historiography - Dr. Roger Schultz

            Postmodern approaches to history, including multicultural and deconstructurist innovations have dominated liberal academia. This presentation is a Biblical critique of the presuppositions, emphases, and trajectory of postmodern historians.

  • The Christian Philosophy of History - Dr. Roger Schultz

         Covering Biblical teaching about the nature of history, emphasizing creation, God's sovereignity, and providence and theology in contrast to secular approaches. A Biblical and Reformed approach is the only consistent and meaningful philosophy of history.     

  • Europe as a Mirror for America - Bojidar Marinov

        Europe, created and formed by the Christian religion, has been a rebellious child against the Lord, and is paying for her rebellion. America has been wiser for a while but this has changed, and the same storms that have destroyed Europe are now approaching America. What can we as Americans learn from Europe's example" Where are we heading? Where do we want to be heading?

  • Kicking Against the Pricks - Joel McDurmon

        Christians need a "Damascus Road experience" in order to wake up to the real challenges of reforming Christian social theory. What will it take? What inertias must we overcome? Why do so many refuse to get involved? This lecture will answer those questions and offer practical direction for reforming Christian social theory. 

  • One Kingdom, One Law - Joel McDurmon

        Recently some Reformed theologians have made a concentrated effort to revive "Two Kingdoms" theology, a construct that seperates society and civil government from God's redemptive work and revealed law. Following this dualistic view as it influenced Reformed theologians of the past, even John Calvin, these modern teachers wish to divert Christian efforts at reforming politics, law, business, economics, etc, and focus only on "the Church." This lecture will confront this issue and its implications from the perspective of a Biblical worldview.

  • The Church and the IRS - Dr. John Eidsmoe

          Pastors and churches need to be reassured that they can get up in the pulpit and discuss anything related to social issues, pending legislation, and particular candidates. Specific details of the law, current legislations, and related issues will be covered. Has the church lost its tax-exempt status and how? What freedom does the Constitution guarantee the church and her pastor?

  • John Winthrop & a City on a Hill - Bill Potter

        The English Puritans who came to America in the "Great Migration" of the 1630s brought the Law of God and the dominion mandate to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This lecture will trace the theological roots of the "Spiritual Brotherhood" of pastors whose theology was of the most serious and practical kind as they sought to develop a culture based on God's Sovereignty and dominion of the whole of society. 

  • Why the Government CAN Save You - Gary DeMar

        Government isn't the same as politics. Before Christians can change our present corrupt political system, we must lay hold of a truly biblical view of government that (1) acknowledges the sovereign, overruling goverment of God and (2) the limitations of delegated governments created by God. The further we get from God's sovereign will, the closer we get to the tyranny of men.

  • The Impact of the Reformation on America - Rev. David Hall

         John Calvin's disciple Theodore Beza was the unsung hero of the American revolution. Prior to the time of Calvin's disciples, a doctrine of unqualified submission to the civil magistrate prevailed within Christendom. Calvin and his followers were forced to re-examine such notions and the result of their exegetical reformulations transformed the West. The ideas of limited government, checks-and-balances for elected rulers, civic accountability, constitutionalism, and individual/family responsibility will be discussed as seeds sown two centuries prior to 1776.

Specifications: MP3 audio (download), approximately 8.5 hours

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