Family 101: Getting Our House in Order

The family is the foundation of covenant life. God deals with His people through covenant and the family is one of the primary ways that this gets modeled to the world around us. Our families make a statement to those outside (and inside) the church. the Bible even speaks about the Trinity in familial terms (Father, Son, and Spirit).

Family 101 is a much-needed course designed to help Christians understand covenant life. The student will learn not only about the family, but about the important role of education—both our own and that of our children. The videos, audios, and printed works found in Family 101 will provide the encouragement and the education necessary to live faithfully to both God and neighbor.

This comprehensive course includes:

• The Children of Caesar (2-part video series by Voddie Baucham)
• Masculine Spiritual Leadership (5-part video series by David Hall, includes study guides)
• How to be a Wise Parent without Losing Your Mind (160-page ebook by Carol DeMar)
• The Education Collection (7-part audio series)
• The Covenant Life Collection (9-part audio series)
• and much more...

You will be amazed at the simplicity and the beauty of God's covenantal plan for us and our children. Your appreciation for biblical truth will be multiplied.

You will never think about generational faithfulness in the same way!

Specifications: MP3 audio, MP4 video, and PDF

PLEASE NOTE: These are electronic files and are collectively very large. Be patient as they will take some time to download.

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