History 101: Lessons from the Past

History is at the heart of the Christian faith. Christianity depends upon the events described in the Bible. The Old Testament is the foundation of the New Testament, which depends upon the historical person and the historical work of Jesus Christ. Luke 24 states that all of the Scriptures are about Jesus, and the apostle Paul says our "faith is futile" if Jesus did not actually rise from the dead. History is very important.

History 101 is an overview course designed to help Christians understand their place in the historical timeline. With study materials in audio, video, and print, History 101 will give the student of history much to think about. This course will point the way forward by revealing how we got where we are. You will be thrilled and encouraged by the stories from ancient and not-so-ancient history. 

This comprehensive course includes:

• America: The Untold Story (30-minute docu-drama video)
• America's Christian History: The Untold Story (300-page ebook by Gary DeMar)
• Late, Great Planet Church (2-hour documentary video)
• The Reformation of History (8-part audio series)
• To Pledge Allegiance Series (3-volume textbook series by Gary DeMar)
• The Case for America's Christian Heritage (10-part audio series by Gary DeMar)
• and much more...

Prepare to fall in love with history, even if you already think you are. Students who believe that history is a dull reciting of dates and events are in for a surprise with History 101

You will never think about the past the same way again!

Specifications: MP3 audio, MP4 video, and PDF

PLEASE NOTE: These are electronic files and are collectively very large. Be patient as they will take some time to download.

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