Government 101: The Politics of Authority

All government is some sort of authority structure. Government doesn't just mean civil government, it also means family, church, and self-government. Every institution that has rules is a form of government. The five points of government are simple: 1) Who's in charge? 2) To whom do I report? 3) What are the rules? 4) What happens if I keep, or don't keep, the rules? 5) What is the goal (or, What does the future look like)? These five points apply to every level (and form) of government.

Government 101 is deep-dive into government and authority. The course material spans centuries and investigates many forms of government. Your understanding of what it means to be "under authority," will be shifted and your view of ruling and rulers will be enriched. You will come to see the inescapable nature of government, and how man tends to impose authority from the top-down while God's governmental structure is bottom-up. 

This authoritative course includes:

• Moral Capitalism (6-part video series, includes study materials)
• God, Man, and Law (8-part audio series by Herb Titus)
• Ruler of the Nations (300-page ebook by Gary DeMar)
• Legitimate Authority Collection (6-part audio series)
Reconstruction of the Church (335-page ebook by various authors)
• American Christian Rulers (650-page ebook by Edward Giddings)
• Judges: God's War Against Humanism (300-page ebook by James Jordan)
• and much more...

Authority and government are facts of life; in fact, there is an eternal government in heaven (Isaiah 9:6-7). It cannot be avoided, so we would do well to begin to understand it. Government 101 will help.

Your understanding of government will be revolutionized!

Specifications: MP3 audio, MP4 video, and PDF

PLEASE NOTE: These are electronic files and are collectively very large. Be patient as they will take some time to download.

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