Worldview 101: A Biblical View of the World

A biblical worldview is an essential part of thinking properly about God and His creation. Thanks in part to the Enlightenment and its long-lasting effects of modern thinking, we are often thinking like humanists rather than like faithful stewards of God's truth. In order for Christians to be effective in the culture, they need to understand what it means to think God's thoughts after Him. Or as Cornelius Van Til succinctly stated it: "God is the original while man is the derivative. Man’s thoughts must therefore be patterned after God’s thoughts."

Worldview 101 is an in-depth course designed to help Christians do this very thing. Utilizing audio, video, and printed material, Worldview 101 will equip the student with the tools necessary to "think God's thoughts" about the world and the created order. It will reveal and re-direct the humanistic thought patterns that exist in each of us. The Enlightenment promised freedom, but brought slavery to man's ideas instead. Worldview 101 points the way forward to true freedom of thought in Christ.

This comprehensive course includes:

• Mind Games: The Need for a Christian Worldview (2-part video series by Jeff Baldwin)
• Through New Eyes: Developing a Biblical View of the World (350-page ebook by James Jordan)
• Reading the Bible (Again) for the First Time (6-part audio series by James Jordan)
• Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths (370-page ebook by Gary DeMar)
• Why Christians Almost Lost America (11-part audio series by Gary DeMar, with supplemental study material)
• Gary DeMar Worldview Lectures (4-part audio series by Gary DeMar)
• and much more...

Your thinking will be radically re-oriented and your love for Scripture will find new levels. Worldview 101 is the first step in the lifelong journey of pursuing biblical wisdom and understanding.

You will never see the world in the same way again!

Specifications: MP3 audio, MP4 video, and PDF

PLEASE NOTE: These are electronic files and are collectively very large. Be patient as they will take some time to download.

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