Revelation and the First Century

With this new work, Dr. Gumerlock continues to distinguish himself as an expert in eschatological studies, and in particular, the eschatology of the “Early Church.” Dr. Gumerlock is uniquely qualified for this in depth eschatological study because of his doctorate in “historical theology” and his ability as a professional Latin translator and teacher. In this highly educational and fascinating study of “Early Church,” and preterist interpretations, Dr. Gumerlock sets down the gold standard in a number of important ways for this type of research. First, Dr. Gumerlock provides an exemplary example of Christian scholarly charity when interacting with differing points of view. Second, his handling of ancient texts and various possible interpretations are thoroughgoing and satisfying. Third, Dr. Gumerlock's own Latin translation of the “Early Church” texts, sets this work apart from the vast majority of titles dealing with eschatology. This book by Dr. Gumerlock most certainly deserves a wide hearing and circulation. It is an invaluable resource that should be on the shelf of every serious student of Biblical eschatology. - Jack Ketter

The increase in understanding of biblical eschatology in recent decades has brought with it a return to biblical preterism—the view that much of biblical prophecy which we formerly considered to pertain to our future was actually fulfilled in the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

Critics of this viewpoint have often accused it of being “novel” in Christian history, and worse, some citing a Jesuit conspiracy in the 1600s for its origin! With Revelation and the First Century Francis Gumerlock has done an invaluable service to everyone interested in prophecy and church history. Dr. Gumerlock provides dozens of citations from early church history proving that many of them held a preterist view from the very first days of Christianity onward.

Among the many new insights gained in this book, you will read from many early and medieval Christians who believed:

  • John wrote Revelation before A.D. 70
  • The hour of testing” (Rev 3:10) occurred immediately after the death of Nero
  • The Emperor Titus was one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • The seal and trumpet judgments were fulfi lled in the first century Roman-Judean war
  • The Roman Emperor Nero was the beast of Revelation 13
  • Nero’s name was used in calculation of the number of the beast, 666
  • And much, much, more. . . .

Perhaps even more impressive, Dr. Gumerlock has combed through dozens of ancient manuscripts that have never before been translated into English. Revelation and the First Century will lead to a number of historical reassessments of Bible prophecy.

About the Author: FRANCIS “FRANK” GUMERLOCK (Ph.D., historical theology) teaches Latin and theology in Colorado. His other books on eschatology include  The Day and the Hour (2000), The Early Church and the End of the World co-authored with Gary DeMar (2006), and The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse (2009).

216 pages

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